Friday, October 17, 2014

What's Up with Me!

I had to do a little housekeeping on this blog, so I decided to post another update. I can't believe it's almost Halloween!

Unfortunately, I don't see myself posting regularly on this blog again anytime soon.  Life is just too hectic right now, and I don't have regular enough access to the internet to trust myself to sign up for anything I have to post at a certain time.

I am SO behind on my reading and out of touch with my author and blogger friends, and it makes me so sad!  I look at blogs all the time on my phone, but it's been too long since I've commented regularly and I just feel weird leaving random occasional comments.

I am finally finishing up Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead on audiobook, so when that's finished, I can start the third Bloodlines book (already read the first two) and finally feel like I'm not reading out of order. So yay for that!  I'm also reading a really interesting self-published book called The Wild Folk by Flora Kennedy, which I found out about from a coworker. It's funny how word spreads about books that way!  Unfortunately my kindle is on the fritz, so it's going to be a little longer before I can finish it.... 

Anyway, the amount of books coming out right now between self and traditional publishing is just insane.  I'm glad so many authors are finding success, but it feels more impossible than ever to keep up.   As for my writing...I'm playing around with writing something adult under a pen name.  I may go back to writing as Stephanie Parent eventually, but probably not for quite a while. 

I hope everyone is doing well!  I miss you guys :(


  1. Hey! I miss having you around more often, but I'm glad we're still able to chat via email. :) I'm kind of excited about the pen name venture... You'll have to email me about it! If you don't get around to it, I'll probably be sending you a message within the next month or so and I'll try to remember. <3 Miss you! :)