Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Disappearing Act

If anyone still looks at this blog, you may have noticed I've done a bit of a disappearing act over the past six months.  I got a new job which was utterly overwhelming and time-consuming at first, and then I started having problems with my internet...now I only have internet at work and on my phone, and twitter doesn't work on my phone. Grrr!  AND for a while I'd completely forgotten the gmail account name associated with this blog, and I couldn't log in at all.  In other words,


I feel terrible for pretty much abandoning my online friends, and I miss you all!  Unfortunately I don't think the situation is going to change too much in the near future.  Having less time and energy to read has made the number of new books constantly coming out seem even more overwhelming...I'm actually afraid to turn my kindle on right now!  I am thinking about starting to write again, but I'm sure it will be slow going.  I do still lurk on all of my favorite blogs occasionally, so your posts and thoughts are appreciated!

Anyway, maybe I will work up the energy to write something longer soon...but for now, read, blog, and tweet on! :D